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Mission Statement:
Southside Church of the Nazarene believes Godís goal for us is Christ likeness (Holiness), Therefore, our desire is to bring individuals to a trust in Christ Jesus, guiding them through the Word, encouraging them to join the body of believers in fellowship, worship and prayer. As a result, we will be equipped for and active in service.                                                                                                        

                      Short Version: Share Christ. 


                  S  = Serve others through love and action.
                     H   = Holiness is a lifestyle of living out Christ-likeness.      
                     A   = Adoption into Godís family includes accountability with others.
                     R   = Rescue those who are lost and bring them to Christ.
                      I   = Inspiration comes from the Word of God and prayer.
                     N   = Nurture develops strong disciplines in our lives to help us mature.
                     G   = Glorify God by giving yourself to Him in acts of worship.



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